James McAllister

Thanks so much for all your help. You've gone above and beyond what I feel is excellent support. Thanks a million.

Kurt Steele

Wow! It's nice to see that there is actually a real person behind your customer support. I wish all Rent a Car companies had your style and follow-up. I'll do my best to pass along the good word about your company. Wishing you much success!

Leslie Couch

I am very happy with your excellent customer service...The added bonus is your quick and courteous response if there are any problems or questions. I incorrectly made an online reservation, and you answered my plea for help within hours. You also followed up to make sure the reservation was correct and too my satisfaction. As a big believer in quality as well as service, I will definitely be recommending your company to friends.

Jon Drake

It is so pleasant to work with a company, who has in place such a good follow-up program for its clients. I truly appreciate you friendly demeanor and continued email advice and update information.

Dave Murphy

Super quick service...Much appreciated

Jonathan Meyers, MI USA

I have to say I was very pleased with everyone at the Soydan Car Hire. They were straight forward from the beginning; they told me what I needed to do and what I had to be careful of, how to drive in Cyprus etc. It was a good experience, because I was given a few options to choose from and all guys I talked to were helpful and well informed. Prices were good too. I checked other car hire agencies too, so I can say that they were pretty competitive. I would recommend it, why not?

Helmut Weidmann, Stuttgart, Germany

I am not always trustful about rental car agencies. Many times I make advance reservations, and then when I try to call for the car that I reserved, it is disappearing. The rental rates that are published in their website not always honoured, or sometimes additional charges are made that I don't know about. But when I went to North Cyprus again for a short holiday, I thought to rent a car because in my first visit here I was just hiking and walking around and so I did not see much of the rest of this magnificent island. This time I hired a car from the Soydan Car Rental and try to get a good, efficient car. It was very good.
The website was very easy to navigate and simple. The confirmation email arrived promptly. When I arrived in Cyprus to pick up the car, it was there. They had the car and the papers ready, and I signed. I was finished at their office in less than five minutes. Very efficient! And so I had plenty of time to really go around North Cyprus, to visit the places I missed the last time I was here. And the rental rate? It was exactly as their website said; nothing unknown to me was added. It was all very efficient, like a good motorcar. I like them. I will rent from them again.

Dave Lourdes, UK

This was the second time I visited North Cyprus and the second time I did business with Soydan Car Rental. I am satisfied with the customer service given, as well as the overall pricing structure.

Pieter Roeloffs, Delft, Netherlands

I was in North Cyprus to settle some business over the summer. I was going to be very busy, but I thought to take some time off to see other sights on the island. So I decided to book a car rental ahead. I am quite impressed by the booking experience I had with Soydan Car Rental in North Cyprus and could not find fault in it. It was very clear, logical, and concise going through the site, and booking was a straightforward process. Something about the whole system gave me a sense of security that nothing would go wrong with the reservation, unlike the usual you expect in car rentals. When I presented my online reservation confirmation at the office, everything was already arranged and proceeded like a clockwork. And upon returning of the car, the same efficiency was there and trouble free. No hassle at all. I am truly impressed and pleased with what they did. The efficient processing gave me more than enough time to go where I wanted to. I have already recommended your website for my friends and family to use when they go to North Cyprus. As for me, I will definetely be using them again.

Kristin Hedelbock, GERMANY

I am a returning customer and I can say that as always the service provided by Soydan Car Rental was extremely professional. I will be using the service again, because every time I feel that I am dealing with a dependable business and with decent people. Coming to a country where you don't actually speak the language but you still feel good about being here is not easy at all. It happens to me when I come to North Cyprus and rent a car from Soydan, that is why I sincerely recommend it.

Ronnie Hilgins, Wales

Soydan Car Rental staff members were polite, friendly and very professional. They were very well informed about the cars of their fleet and they were willing to give me options to choose. I was given the option to have my car waiting for me at the Ercan airport, thus I didn't lose time collecting it from their offices.
Prices were affordable and reasonable. In short I was pleased because Soydan Car Rental delivered what they claimed to do, therefore I would not hesitate recommending it to friends or anyone else who visits the island of North Cyprus.

John and Valerie Pettman, Scotland

Thanks for an efficient, courteous and fast service. Above all we need to say that service was good value for money. A friend of ours who had visited the island of North Cyprus recommended the company and now we know why.
We don't have any doubt that we will be calling you again upon our next visit to North Cyprus and we will recommend it to our friends too. Thanks a lot and keep doing a good job.